The Shorter Version of Me

A girl and her shoes...a classic love/hate relationship...

Kelly opened the door, scanned me up and down, eyes wide open in surprise. I was wearing flats.

She thought maybe I had gone crazy and asked, “Are you okay?”

Now, for those who don’t know me, her question was quite legitimate. Here is a background on the type of shoes I wear: I have six pairs of boots, all of which are three inches and higher, and over thirty pairs of high heels. Not little tiny heels; I’m talking stilettos. Even when I am wearing four inch heels though I hardly reach 5’5’’.

Perhaps my love for beautiful heels indicates that I have some type of height complex. However, I like how heels look with dresses, jeans, and anything else that I own. The only time people catch me in any other type of shoe is when I’m headed to the gym or going to the golf course. And, trust me, if they made stiletto golf shoes, I would probably wear them.

In essence, I wear heels everywhere. But, the unimaginable happened. While walking to class in a new pair of Oxford Jessica Simpson 4 1/2 inch heels, I stepped into a little crack in the cement, and boom, fell flat on my face. Call it an epiphany, but it was then I knew my high heel wearing habits would have to change.

However, it wasn’t because I was embarrassed. I twisted my ankle and had to limp around the rest of day, and hobbling around in stilettos is not an easy task. Because I play golf competitively, twisting my ankle is the last thing I want to do.

So, I caved. I logged into my computer and went to shoe site after shoe site looking for the perfect flat. I went into a disarray and found myself looking at heels, only to be reminded by the shooting pain in my ankle what I should be looking for.

I couldn’t even begin to fathom spending money on a shoe that I found atrocious on so many levels. I began imagining how short I would look in flats and the horror of not fooling people into believing I’m taller than my actual height. After looking for a couple hours I finally found a pair that I thought actually had style.

I headed over to Nordstrom and tried them on. This was the first time in about six years that I had put on a pair of flats. And, well, I kind of liked them. There was something very comforting about my foot not sitting at a 90 degree angle. I walked around the store, then found myself doing a little skip, then imagined how easy it would be to glide around campus from lecture to lecture, not worrying about having to avoid cracks.

I smiled widely at the sales rep and said, “I’ll buy them.”

What shoe did I buy exactly? Bronx is a European brand that has been up and coming in the U.S. for last the couple years. Voted in 2004 as the best footwear in London, this brand of shoe offers many different types of flats that have style and comfort. While their shoes might be too pricey for some (my pair were $78) the quality of the shoe is excellent, and I recommend to buy the shoe through Nordstrom, since their return policy is basically a lifetime guarantee, even if you buy online.

While my whole buying flats dilemma might seem all a little dramatic to some, this is actually a growing up experience for me. I have never been one to be practical, and at times, I have been vain, thinking somehow that heels enhanced how people looked at me. After wearing my flats for the last couple days, I’ve learned that I am treated the same, and that people don’t look at me differently. They’re still getting the same person, just a slightly shorter version.

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    Good things come in small packages. grin

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    Indeed! smile

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