• A Night to Remember

    A Night to Remember

    When the WE Party was nearing its end, a group of three guys asked me if I wanted to come and “chill out” before the next party, As One, billed as “bringing together the coolest brands in the capital in London’s leading gay venue.” I figured that I could use a little break to recharge before setting off on the third and final leg of this trip. Little did I know I would be caught in a medical emergency.

  • The Space Elevator

    The Space Elevator

    While the space elevator could be the first viable option to have ordinary people experience space, I wouldn’t hold off proposing to that significant other until it is completed.

  • Ireland


    Life is simple and to the point in this great, magical land. Breathe deep, laugh aloud! ‘Tis only then the Irish will know ye, and love ye.

  • Bali


    It is the largest tourist destination that Indonesia exudes, and one of the most breathtaking island affairs the world has to offer. From exotic pristine beaches of Kuta and Sanur to the provocative peaks of still active volcanoes, Bali provides the most fantastic of backdrops to deposit in your memory bank. 

  • Rincon, Puerto Rico

    Rincon, Puerto Rico

    Between the fabulous location, fantastic service, breathtaking views and charming locals, Rincon, Puerto Rico may be one of those magical oases that you will want to secretly visit again and again.