• Laid Back Romance at Bar Marco

    Laid Back Romance at Bar Marco

    And (hint, hint) if you’re looking to impress your significant other, this place certainly would do the trick. With a great selection of wine to choose from, and tons of tasty appetizers to whet your palates, your date will find you even more attractive by the end of the night.

  • Eden: A Delicious Forbidden Fruit

    Eden: A Delicious Forbidden Fruit

    Eden serves a plethora of interesting and delectable dishes. Some vegetarian, some vegan and there are even a few dishes sprinkled throughout that contain chicken or turkey for those less inclined to partake in a veggie-filled meal.

  • Espresso a Mano: A Hidden Pittsburgh Gem
    twodaymag's Relationship Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    Espresso a Mano: A Hidden Pittsburgh Gem

    Whether one is looking for a great cup of coffee or just a place to relax and socialize, Espresso a Mano provides an atmosphere of friendliness and openness perfect for the people of Pittsburgh. Come as you are, and come have some coffee!

  • Jo Jo

    Jo Jo

    From the intimate townhouse entry, to the quaint bar that greets you when you saunter in, to the narrow, dimly lit dining room, it exuded romance.

  • Mas


    The entire meal was perfect. Mas’ style is to use seasonal organic ingredients provided by local farmers that you would find on a country estate. It is a treasure and should be visited for your next celebration.

  • GustOrganics


    GustOrganics has been labeled as a lifestyle choice that inspires sustainable change in our communities through food, friendship, integrity and local cooperation.

  • Blue Ribbon Bakery

    Blue Ribbon Bakery

    Sorry Magnus, but since we covered the other two restaurants on the corner of Downing and Bedford, we would be remiss not to cover Blue Ribbon Bakery, as well. We were looking for a new brunch place to go to. Zagat, while rating Blue Ribbon Bakery very high, made the comment: “If you can get a seat”.

  • Ditch Plains

    Ditch Plains

    Directly across the street from Mas, yet a world away, is Ditch Plains. Named after the famous Mon- tauk surf beach, Ditch Plains is a culinary oasis. Their fare can be categorized as surfer comfort food with a twist.

  • Pipa


    If you are looking for a sumptuous atmosphere with a lively crowd, Pipa is for you. Since it always draws a great crowd, be sure to make a reservation.

  • Pure Food and Wine

    Pure Food and Wine

    For the adventurous palate, try this raw, vegan restaurant. It is a delight for the senses!