What Do Couples Fight the Most About?

Avoid these pitfalls and have a happy life...

According to the research, the average couple has 312 fights a year, with most of the fights being about the little things. You know, leaving the seat up, wet towels on the bed, and flicking through television channels. Apparently, these little annoyances add up to major tension which, in turn, explodes into fights that could have been otherwise remedied had either party been just a tad more considerate of their significant other.

The research also revealed that women tend to become more irritated with their partner’s habits than men. Shocking, just shocking. But, don’t think men are immune to the irritating habits of women, either. They find nagging about chores or taking too long to get ready are things to argue about, as well.

The study, conducted by surveyed 3,000 adults to see how much time was truly being spent picking on one another.

“All couples argue, but to see how much time they argue over simply things like household chores was a bit of an eye opener. It seems a lot of time to be wasting bickering however annoying habits can get,” states spokesman, Nick Elson.

The most common argument battleground is the kitchen, and fighting usually ensued over cleanliness. Eight out of ten people stated that they often found themselves cleaning up after their other half rather than continue to nag the. But, 25% claim that nagging changed their partner’s behavior for the better.

“It seems like couples find chores a real source of annoyance which is a real shame, as the bathroom should be a relaxing place where people can unwind after a hard day. Most of the things listed here as annoying habits are no doubt frustrating, but there are always solutions to problems,” Elson adds.

So, what were the top ten argument triggers? Below is the list. How many of these annoying habits are you guilty of fighting over? And, one must ask themselves, especially after seeing how trivial the list is, what can be done in the future to minimize fighting? It seems as though a little thoughtfulness can go a long way...

Top Ten Argument Triggers:


Stubble in the sink.

    While this can be a little annoying, isn’t just easier to rinse the sink after you are done shaving, guys? Really, it only takes two more seconds. And, ladies, if you notice stubble in the sink, just rinse it down the drain. Not worth getting your blood pressure up over.

Dirty marks in the toilet.

    Trying to show a little courtesy with an extra flush can go a long way...

Flicking TV channels.

    I think I would be guilty of this one! I am so indecisive when it comes to choosing which deplorable show on cable to watch.

Not replacing the toilet roll.

    It’s never fun to find yourself out of toilet paper. Replacing the roll when you run out is just a thoughtful thing to do for the next person using the bathroom.

Leaving the seat up.

    Guys, if you ever fell into a would understand the frustration.

Leaving the lights on.

    Save some money and save energy. It’s a no-brainer.

Leaving dirty cups around the house.    

    It may seem trivial, but putting your dirty dishes in the sink when you are done with them saves a lot of aggravation in the future.

Leaving wet towels on the floor/bed.

    This may not seem like a big deal, but when your bed is cold and wet, it’s a real mood killer.

Hoarding stuff.

    If you don’t have a place for it, something has to go. Cluttered house, cluttered mind.

Not flushing the toilet.

    I mean, really?

Most of these grievances are so minute on their own, but if your lover continually acts in a sloppy, inconsiderate, immature way, of course fighting will ensue. Take heart, these arguments can easily be avoided if each person thinks a little bit more about the other person in their lives. Remember, thoughtfulness is sexy...and will most likely get you laid.

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