4 Fights You Can Live Without

Choosing your battles has never been more important than in today’s busy world of love, work, friends, family and other responsibilities.

When you have limited time with the one you love, don’t waste it on petty fights that just aren’t worth anyone’s time. Here are four fights that you may want to just let go.

Your Messy Mate:

It drives you absolutely crazy when you come home from a long day and your loved one has left you even more to do with a big fat mess. But dirty dishes and sweats left on the floor are not worth raising the roof about. If your mate is generally considerate and respectful, a few messes here and there are really not that important in the big scheme of things.


Your lover is good looking, and you should be complimented if other people think so, too. Your man accepting a martini sent over by a bejeweled cougar from across the bar is not something for you to go into a rage over. Playing the cool cucumber will show him you are confident. If he takes flirting too far by asking for a phone number, then, yes you have a problem to discuss. Otherwise, take it as a compliment that others also find him attractive.

Running Late:

There are many levels of running late, and most of them are normal and not worth getting upset about. If he is at work and sends you a text letting you know he needs a few more minutes, let it go. If you are meeting at home or somewhere where you are comfortable, running late is just a part of a busy life. However, did he leave you sitting all dressed up in a restaurant for 45 minutes with no communication whatsoever? Now you need to talk.


He promised to take you to dinner but the day just got away and he is exhausted. Be honest, you are too. If he wants to cancel plans and hang out at home with you, don’t get upset. You can go out another day. At least you are together.


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