Relationships Contributor: Anya Alvarez

  • New Beginnings
    Relationships Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    New Beginnings

    Over the course of the time I wrote for twodaymag, I learned more about myself than I thought possible. Here I was thinking that I would write articles to help change people's perspective on things; but in turn, I changed my perspective on myself.

  • Gay Athletes and Gender Differences

    Gay Athletes and Gender Differences

    The truth is, there is no difference between a lesbian athlete and a homosexual athlete. While lesbian athletes are are more accepted as part of the status quo, homosexual male athletes have to deal with the prejudice and notion that perhaps they can’t compete the same as their heterosexual teammates.

  • Am I Nagging You?
    In Love

    Am I Nagging You?

    This has been a habit of mine for a long time. I’ve always found ways to deflect from myself and put pressure on others to be perfect. This seemed easier than working on myself and accepting the fact that I (and everyone around me) is not perfect.

  • Dealing With Divorce Years Later
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    Dealing With Divorce Years Later

    Even now at 24 years-old I still feel the effects of divorce. Even though both parents are remarried, I think of how different our lives would have been had they stayed together. I wonder had my sister and I seen a healthy relationship with our parents if it would have given us a better idea on how to have healthy relationships of our own.

  • Too Late To Say “I’m Sorry”
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    Too Late To Say “I’m Sorry”

    Not apologizing can make someone feel more empowered, Okimoto stated and also translate into greater feelings of self-worth. While there may seem to be a little bit of vindictiveness in this finding, it also makes a lot sense.

  • How the Superbowl Improved My Relationship
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    How the Superbowl Improved My Relationship

    However, I actually watched the Super Bowl this year with intensity and excitement. Now, if you were to have met me at the beginning of football season you would have seen two different people. I was the girl who hated football and hated that my boyfriend could watch the game and not even know I was there.

  • PTSD and Sexual Abuse
    Relationships Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    PTSD and Sexual Abuse

    PTSD can result in two different major symptoms that can cause someone to stop living their life in a fulfilling way. Triggers are a main component of PTSD. Triggers can result in someone reliving the abuse, often causing anxiety or rage.

  • Plan B For Teens?
    Relationships Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    Plan B For Teens?

    Abstinence is not the only form of birth control. Society cannot make assumptions that teens know when they are ready to have sex or what can happen if they do. Education will lead to better choices. Until then, give teens a Plan B if their Plan A fails.

  • Sex After Sexual Abuse
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    Sex After Sexual Abuse

    It is true that sex can lose its pleasurable allure and also seem emotionally overwhelming after surviving sexual trauma. However, it’s not that the sex is necessarily physically painful; it’s an emotionally scary place to enter into after experiencing sexual abuse.

  • Why Conservatives Should Support Marriage Equality
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    Why Conservatives Should Support Marriage Equality

    Considering that average wedding in America costs $26,000, that’s a lot of revenue American businesses are missing out on. So, if you can’t fathom the thought of same-sex couples kissing, maybe you can fathom the thought of having more money in your pocket?