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  • Bobby’s Farewell
    Bobby's World

    Bobby’s Farewell

    I can’t end this column without thanking my friends (current and former) who have — at many times — been the subject of my writing with their successes, misfortunes and obstacles in relationships.

  • Find Your Joy Through Connection
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    Find Your Joy Through Connection

    The study followed the men through all stages of life, and included an in-depth look every aspect of their lives — everything from asking about childhood lives to mental stability, emotions and more. Through all of the trials and tribulations the men reported throughout their lives, relationships were most important.

  • The 40 Day Dating Challenge
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    The 40 Day Dating Challenge

    Could you date someone for just 40 days? 
What if you were dating a friend? New York graphic designers Tim Goodman and Jessica Walsh embarked on a project in the spring to date for 40 days, documenting their experience along the way.

  • Bigger Distance = Stronger Relationship?
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    Bigger Distance = Stronger Relationship?

    Spending time away from your partner can make your relationship stronger, according to researchers at Cornell University, which studied 63 couples under the age of 21 who were in relationships for 17 months. About half of the couples were in long distance relationships.

  • Wedding Etiquette: Should the Couple Expect Ca$h?
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    Wedding Etiquette: Should the Couple Expect Ca$h?

    Imagine offering what you think is a cute and unique gift to offer a newly married couple, only to receive a series of text messages requesting the receipt and explaining that cash — not items — is required to celebrate weddings.

  • Romantic Relationships: A Thing of the Past?
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    Romantic Relationships: A Thing of the Past?

    “And I know everyone says, ‘Make time, make time.’ But there are so many other things going on in my life that I find so important that I just, like, can’t make time, and I don’t want to make time.” So she, like many of her peers, opts for late-night, casual hookups with guys she likely isn’t even interested in.

  • When It Comes to Cheating, Does “Sexting” Count?
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    When It Comes to Cheating, Does “Sexting” Count?

    While most consider a physical relationship cheating, creating an environment where words or situations are offered to entice romantic feelings also can allow two individuals to grow closer.

  • Dating: A Lost Art?
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    Dating: A Lost Art?

    If you are dating (or at least seeking to do so), you probably know how difficult it might be finding “the one.” Instead, the art of dating and finding those who might interest us has turned from happenstance into a science, complete with formulas and checklists.

  • Does Love Dictate Your Life?
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    Does Love Dictate Your Life?

    He realized far too late how destructive the situation was. Thankfully, he was able to overcome the relationship and build those friendships again. But it seems, history does repeat itself, as he’s found his way into another situation where, from an outsiders perspective, he’s allowing a love interest to dictate his life.

  • #Foreveralone
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    There are 102 million people aged 18 and older who are single, and some 33 million single people living alone, according to the U.S. census. There’s no word on how many of those 102 million people who suffer from anuptaphobia, but I’m not one of them.