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This week the nation watches a man complete the rise and fall from fame at an unusually quick pace, and Tiger Woods is being...well, himself.

Put on your work boots and overalls, we’ve got some headlines to discuss!

KONY2012 Producer Hospitalized

Invisible Children Co-founder and maker of the huge viral film Kony2012, Jason Russell, was hospitalized this week and diagnosed with reactive psychosis due to being extremely exhausted and dehydrated.

The charity head was arrested for running up and down the street in his underwear screaming at people. One report even said he might have been masturbating in in public.

His wife has said that the stress of going from relatively unknown, to a major household name overnight has put Russell in a fragile mental state.

Now the Outsider has never been in Russell’s position so he can’t personally relate, however he can look at other people who shot to similar overnight fame and were subjected to far more ridicule and - as far as he knows - Rebecca Black hasn’t been arrested yet.

Russell is the perfect living example of the power of social media, both its uses and its dangers. He made a film about an African war lord and using social media got exposure like none have ever seen, but with that power apparently comes responsibility.

This is a lesson for all of us. If you put something out there online, the risks can be has high as the rewards. This shouldn’t be a deterrent to people like Russell whom the Outsider genuinely believes wants to make a difference, but the riskiness of internet overexposure needs to be respected.

Russell’s journey has been a fascinating one: one week nobody knows who he is, the next week his work is on the cover of TIME Magazine and the week after that he’s just another guy masturbating in public. And Lord knows we already have enough of those.

Tiger Woods Will Only Have Sex With Porn Stars If He Loves Them

Tiger Woods’ former swing coach, Hank Haney, has a book coming out, and like most ex-employee books, it trashes the crap out of his former boss.

One of the most touching (see what the Outsider did there?) lessons Haney learned from Woods was that the golfer should only have sex with someone if he truly feels something for them.

The concept of not being physically intimate with someone you don’t really care about is a pretty good lesson to learn. While it appears Woods took the scenic route, the Outsider is glad he finally got there.

There were some other interesting anecdotes in the book, like the time when Woods roomed with fellow golfer and devout Christian Tom Lehman and Woods purchased the 24-hour adult film package just to mess with him.

Bottom line: according to Haney’s book, Tiger Woods is a giant douche.

In other news, the sun rose today.


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