Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

  • Get Organized in 2012
    Health and Wellness

    Get Organized in 2012

    Ok, it's a couple months into the new year.  Did you make a resolution to be more organized?  To finally clean out your bedroom closet?  Finally donate those suits and jeans you don't wear anymore?

  • The Komen Katastrophe
    Health and Wellness

    The Komen Katastrophe

    It is also important to point out to everyone that all day, every day, you can find stories about women fighting for fairness, just like you did this week when women with breast cancer were in the news.

  • Support Local Business
    Health and Wellness

    Support Local Business

    In the heart of Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood is an increasingly chain-store oriented shopping district on Walnut Street.  But there are still a few Mom and Pop stores, like Schiller's Pharmacy and Cosmetique.

  • Confessions of a Groupon Lover
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    Confessions of a Groupon Lover

    Twisted though my relationship with online daily deals may be, I feel like they can't be all that bad, as long as I keep my wits about me and exercise a bit of something we all struggle with in our culture: self control.

  • The Art of Self-Control
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    The Art of Self-Control

    What keeps me from buying this lamp that I lust over?  And what keeps me from going in to these antiques stores that are right in my backyard?

  • The Importance of Perserverance
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    The Importance of Perserverance

    It took some pushing from my family and some prodding from my husband, but they taught me that perserverance is the key to moving forward in any endeavor.

  • What’s Wrong with Barbie, Anyway?
    Celebrity Relationships

    What’s Wrong with Barbie, Anyway?

    Yes, she has a figure that is completely unattainable.  We've all read the news reports and studies that prove how much plastic surgery a woman would need to have in order to have human-sized Barbie dimensions.  But Barbie has come a long way from what she was when Mattel first introduced her. 

  • You Are What You Eat
    Health and Wellness

    You Are What You Eat

    Last week when rumors started to come out that Deen has been covering up a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, Deen remained silent.  The Huffington Post then reported that Deen agreed to talk exclusively with Al Roker on The Today Show on Tuesday about the rumors.

  • In Defense of Celebrity Fragrances
    Celebrity Relationships

    In Defense of Celebrity Fragrances

    If I had the resources and a famous name, you better believe I would be releasing a fragrance, too.  I would demand it to be put next to Chanel No. 5 because it would be the  best fragrance since No. 5.

  • Control Accidental Overeating
    Health and Wellness

    Control Accidental Overeating

    Calorie restriction is not something that is easy or fun to do.  Trust me, I know.  My doctor, with whom I work closely to maintain a healthy weight, told me that one of the greatest disservices a woman can do to herself is assume a 2,000 calorie a day diet is appropriate for her.