• My Ah-A Moment: Oprah Belongs In the FBI
    Celebrity Relationships

    My Ah-A Moment: Oprah Belongs In the FBI

    Despite the overwhelming evidence against you, no one can crack you.  You never admit to doing anything wrong.  No one, not even those with serious legal clout, can get to the dark, chewy, always disappointing tootsie roll inside the perfect shiny red lollipop that is your life. 

  • Amy Winehouse’s Tragic Demise
    Celebrity Relationships

    Amy Winehouse’s Tragic Demise

    Despite all of her successes, she was done in by self-destruction.  Ultimately, she had to be the one to want to clean herself up, decide to live a sober life and make the effort to salvage her promising singing career but... she also would have needed serious support in order to sustain that.

  • Sex-capades in the News: Why Do We Care?
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    Sex-capades in the News: Why Do We Care?

    An anonymous 17th century quote about morality, as it referred to religious debates on life, states that view clearly. “My morals may not be the same as yours, but they are just as valid.”

  • LeAnn Rimes: Why I Cheated

    LeAnn Rimes: Why I Cheated

    "I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don’t think the way I did it was right.”

  • Even Angelina Has Her Limits

    Even Angelina Has Her Limits

    It’s hard to imagine Angelina up at three in the morning feeding a crying baby, or coddling a toddler who had a bad dream when she has a call time of 5am and then a full day of work ahead of her.

  • Love Potion Number Nile

    Love Potion Number Nile

    An intimate relationship shared between an American woman and an Egyptian man in Cairo is not the easiest of ventures. This, I discovered, when I sat down with one of the cutest couple in Cairo.

  • The Beckhams

    The Beckhams

    Despite Victoria being a vegetarian, and despite David’s entire career being played out in lush green fields, this couple has the largest carbon footprint in history. 

  • Brangelina


    If Hollywood were scripting Brad and Angelina’s relationship from here on in, they would likely get married as soon as possible, ending the ceremony with a passionate kiss in front of the setting sun. Then the credits roll and it’s happily ever after.  But, I have a feeling Brad and Angie have something far more interesting in mind...

  • Dynamic Duos and Their Money

    Dynamic Duos and Their Money

    We asked three very distinctive couples how they keep the balance of power in their relationships when sharing finances. See how your own relationship compares.

  • JLo and Marc Anthony

    JLo and Marc Anthony

    JLo has given her love and trust to a number of guys, including highly publicized relationships with P. Diddy and Ben Affleck. Finally, she tied the knot (for the third time) with fellow performer Marc Anthony on June 5, 2004, not actually confessing to the marriage until 2005. The two seemed to be living pretty happily. But, after all that, Jennifer and Marc’s marriage may be on the rocks.