• The Power of Altruism
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    The Power of Altruism

    "Our findings make a simple but profound point about altruism: helping others makes us happier. 

Altruism is not a form of martyrdom, but operates for many as part of a healthy psychological reward system.”

  • 5 Perfect Gifts For a Baby Shower
    Family Time

    5 Perfect Gifts For a Baby Shower

    For the first several months, baby is essentially an extension of Mom and Dad. They’ll be spending lots of time carrying the baby, so a carrier wrap or sling can be a very thoughtful gift. Since some parents have strong opinions on carrier types, you may want to consult with them about their wrap of choice before purchasing.

  • 5 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Friendships

    5 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Friendships

    Time spent with friends is rewarding, but boredom can set in if you don't try new things together from time to time. Whether you want to head outdoors or spend some time inside relaxing, you have plenty of options.

  • Is “Continuous Partial Attention” Ruining Your Relationships?
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    Is “Continuous Partial Attention” Ruining Your Relationships?

    Relationships are built upon personal connections made with human interactions. The devices we use aid in communication. Personal engagement never should be replaced by a screen.

  • The Kindness Of Strangers
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    The Kindness Of Strangers

    “The only person who can help you is yourself,” a friend said to me recently. 
Within the last week, my friend’s statement was debunked as a nation watched as strangers pulled together to help one another in moments of terror in Boston and West, Texas.

  • Getting Over It (Whatever “It” Is)

    Getting Over It (Whatever “It” Is)

    In getting over anything it seems to me that the key is to get to the source of the unhappiness.  It’s not until you deal with the core issue buried underneath all of those bad experiences and denial that you can come to terms with what’s making you unhappy.

  • Is Negativity Catching?

    Is Negativity Catching?

    Negativity is draining and I don't want to live that way.  All things being equal, I think that positivity can be as catching as negativity. Maybe if I'm positive enough, my friend will get infected by me. I hope so.

  • Learning to Have the Mindset to Win

    Learning to Have the Mindset to Win

    And really, when I tell someone “Play well,” I am thinking, “Play well, just don’t play better than me.” I never wish for someone to hit a bad shot or hope they play poorly; I just want to beat them, whether it’s on their worst or best day.

  • The Scars of Bullying

    The Scars of Bullying

    Kids, usually in groups, picking on other children unable or too afraid to defend themselves. Whether it is a case of actual physical abuse, name-calling, or electronic/media harassment, the stories of these bullies seems to be a weekly news item in the media.

  • Good Friends Are Hard To Find

    Good Friends Are Hard To Find

    Good friends are becoming more difficult to find as we become spread more thinly with work, growing families, possible second jobs, other family responsibilities and our increasing desire to believe being independent is better.