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  • What Have We Learned?
    Health and Wellness

    What Have We Learned?

    We went from people flipping out that Bert and Ernie were not outed on Sesame Street, to people banning Sesame Street for it’s so called “gay” agenda, and the actual creators of Sesame Street, saying in perhaps less colorful vocabulary, “What the f*ck are you guys talking about!?”

  • Carly Bids Farewell
    Health and Wellness

    Carly Bids Farewell

    My original intention for submitting what became my first article to Natalie was just to get some feedback. I certainly wasn’t expected to be taken on as a part-time columnist with free reign over my choice in subject matter. Suddenly, I had a platform. But finding important things to say does not automatically come with the ability to say them.

  • Miley’s Wrecking Ball
    Celebrity Relationships

    Miley’s Wrecking Ball

    Picture if you will, my face.  At first it is cautiously optimistic.  My eyes focused intently on the tearful opening of Miley Cyrus’ ballad…Then my brows begin to furrow as she licks a hammer and straddles a giant ball swinging from the ceiling.  All hope is lost as she arches her back completely naked whilst mid swing.

  • You Gotta Start Somewhere!
    Health and Wellness

    You Gotta Start Somewhere!

    Most facilities offer many different brands, styles, and genres of equipment. Unfortunately, many don’t come equipped with a do it yourself guide or stapled to the keypad or a sufficient amount of staff to help you start. Start small.

  • The Reality of “School-itis”
    Family Time

    The Reality of “School-itis”

    For these children a school building is a cage, a place where they feel trapped and vulnerable. With schools opening around the country this week, there are some children who would do anything to escape going back.

  • Body Image, Body Acceptance, and Instagram
    twodaymag's Relationship Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    Body Image, Body Acceptance, and Instagram

    I certainly am guilty of editing who I am. In fact, even though I didn’t try to crop out the fat in my bikini picture, I used a filter that made me look more tan.

  • Why We Should Be Praising Miley Cyrus
    Celebrity Relationships

    Why We Should Be Praising Miley Cyrus

    There is no other signifier to the entrance of womanhood than sexuality.  Men have adventure stories where they prove their manliness by climbing mountains and going on deep journeys of self-discovery, and women have their stories of finding a boy and losing their virginity.

  • Killing for No Reason At All
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    Killing for No Reason At All

    Eight years ago this month a nineteen year old local college student died. His name was Tristan and he deserves to be remembered. He died as a result of a vicious beating by another student while two other students looked on laughing.

  • Keep In Shape This Fall!
    Health and Wellness

    Keep In Shape This Fall!

    Most people view the winter months as a time to loosen the belts, wear bulky sweaters, eat lasagna and turkey dinners, and make excuses to not exercise.  Not YOU! Time to strategize yourself into the healthiest fall/winter/holiday season ever!

  • Beauty: Just a Fleeting Moment?
    Health and Wellness

    Beauty: Just a Fleeting Moment?

    Who is to say what anyone “should” look like at a certain age?  Despite ample evidence to the contrary, humans still insist that a certain age looks a certain way and looking “good” for an age is supposed to be a different matter than simply being the age that you are.