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  • A Date With Civic Duty (Part One)
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    A Date With Civic Duty (Part One)

    I have been reminded by friends and coworkers who have been called for jury duty that often you are required to show up for duty.  Then, you do nothing but sit in the courthouse all day simply waiting around for something to happen, only to find out that the case has been settled out of court.

  • What is a Dateologist?
    In Love

    What is a Dateologist?

    I hear the same issue from a lot of women that there are “no men out there." How do you answer that? And, the same when I hear it from men, how do you encourage them to be less cynical about finding love?

  • The Hollywood Outsider: Jon Gosselin and His Words of Wisdom
    Celebrity Relationships

    The Hollywood Outsider: Jon Gosselin and His Words of Wisdom

    It is hard for the Outsider to imagine what Kate's long term plan actually was. Very few TV shows turn into a viable long-term careers and it's hard to imagine Kate Gosselin getting an endorsement deal for anything other than fertility drugs. Can you imagine her being a spokeswoman for a brand of birth control?

  • Abstaining From Abstinence
    In Love

    Abstaining From Abstinence

    There rests the unwavering truth that sometimes our hormones, no matter how good our intentions, will overpower our desire to abstain. The church could play an instrumental role in helping the decline of unwanted pregnancies and STIs if they started taking an active role outside of the abstinence message.

  • The Text Message Break-Up
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    The Text Message Break-Up

    There seems to be no specific protocol for breaking up in the twenty-first century. Since we’re constantly on the move and busy with our hectic lives, breakups seem to be managed without any personal contact, or feelings, at all.

  • You Don’t Need a New Car
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    You Don’t Need a New Car

    I admit that I am a consumer in the truest sense.  I am a total sucker for advertising campaigns.  I lust for new boots every fall and new sundresses every spring even though I don't need them.  And, I particularly enjoy eye cosmetic advertisements that appeal to my vanity.

  • The Workplace Dress Code Double Standard
    Bobby's World

    The Workplace Dress Code Double Standard

    Believe it or not, but the workplace is filled with gender discrimination against men when it comes to dress code policies. Men choose between black or brown dress pants, while women decide whether they’ll wear a skirt, pants or dress. What a dress code double standard.

  • Do Gender Roles Apply to Weight Gain?
    Health and Wellness

    Do Gender Roles Apply to Weight Gain?

    Qian and Tumin weren't able to figure out why women gained weight after a marriage or why men gained weight after a divorce, but Qian had no trouble projecting a completely subjective gender-biased assumption about why women gain weight when they get married and men don't. 

  • Lovely Labor Day Cuisine
    Recipes for Love

    Lovely Labor Day Cuisine

    Chef Steve's latest recipe is a delicious Crunchy Thai Salad and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches. But, fear not, vegetarians! He also makes a delicious vegetable sandwich as an alternative. Perfect for a Labor Day picnic!

  • Never Too Late for Romance
    In Love

    Never Too Late for Romance

    Life coach, dateologist and contributor to twoday, Tracey Steinberg, knows quite a bit when it comes to bringing romance back into your life. Here’s what she has to say when asked if there is any way to bring some romance back into the 21st century.