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  • Marrying For All the Wrong Reasons
    In Love

    Marrying For All the Wrong Reasons

    Remember, marriage can be a beautiful thing, but only when it is entered into by two people who have a made a conscious commitment to one another and to the sacrament, itself. Determine what your desire is to be married and if it comes out of a place of love or desperation.

  • $63 Million For My Lesbian Daughter…Any Takers?

    $63 Million For My Lesbian Daughter…Any Takers?

    Unlike most disapproving parents who simply ignore the aspect of you that they don’t like, refusing to talk about it at dinner, breezing over the subject when grocery shopping by remarking about how the Stephenson’s sixteen-year-old daughter is pregnant, this guy is going to extreme measures by “correcting” the problem.

  • The Trend: How To Rock the Layered Look
    For the Love of Fashion

    The Trend: How To Rock the Layered Look

    Instead of putting away those tanks or shorts, you can layer them with a long sleeve button down, or warm up your look with some fun colored leggings or tights. Check out some of these other items that are great for transitioning.

  • Is Technology Making Us Dumb?
    Health and Wellness

    Is Technology Making Us Dumb?

    In a study called the “The Laptop and Lecture,” classes were divided into two sets. One-half of students used their laptops in the classroom while listening to a lecture. The other half had to keep their laptops closed. Then, both sets of students took a comprehension test. Can you guess what happened?

  • Relationship Poisoning Your Career?
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    Relationship Poisoning Your Career?

    Relationships make up a large percentage of our daily lives and, no surprise here, people in healthy ones are more successful and happier than those in a relationship that is in constant turmoil. The relationship you have may indeed be poisoning your chances for living a personally successful life.

  • Kimmie on the Prowl: Big Girl Panties
    The Single Life

    Kimmie on the Prowl: Big Girl Panties

    Dating is messy, at least for me. Never has any relationship, casual or otherwise, been normal. None of the storybook crap. No chance meeting, slow steady progression and happy ending.

  • Why Men Matter
    Bobby's World

    Why Men Matter

    If for nothing else, it doesn’t hurt to think of these issues even if you’re not thinking about having children right now. Eating right, learning how to manage stress and living in a clean environment are good for us right now — let alone for future generations.

  • A Twist on an Italian Classic!
    Recipes for Love

    A Twist on an Italian Classic!

    Looking to cook something healthy for your lover? This recipe will impress him or her while keeping them fit for extracurricular activities!

  • Don’t People Date, Anymore?
    In Love

    Don’t People Date, Anymore?

    Here’s the honest truth from where I sit, which granted, is an uncomfortable desk chair in my freezing dorm room, but anyway, there are two extremes that college kids fall into; there are those who go and engage in frivolous sexcapades, and those who don’t and get little to no action of any kind.  They wait for a romance that never seems to come.

  • Getting Old
    Health and Wellness

    Getting Old

    It is no secret that women in today’s world are obsessed with looking younger. We have Botox, fillers, plastic surgery, lasers, creams and some women get face massages to help rejuvenate their skin. There is not much a lot of women won’t do to look young.