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  • The Hollywood Outsider: Duke It Out
    Celebrity Relationships

    The Hollywood Outsider: Duke It Out

    In Hollywood news, whenever the Outsider feels particularly lazy he just looks up whatever new thing Kim Kardashian is trying to force on everybody and makes fun of it. This week feels like one of those weeks.

  • Sex For the Sake of “Art”?
    Sex and Sexuality

    Sex For the Sake of “Art”?

    After all, if he’s “method acting” he’s living the life…of his character.  So it’s not really he who is having sexual relations with a female, but rather his character who happens to be PLAYED by Mr. La-BOOF.  Therefore, he’s not really cheating on anyone.  Rather, he is doing the best possible job that he can possibly do.  And oh, he’ll be doing it, for real!

  • When Women Tee It Up With the Boys
    Health and Wellness

    When Women Tee It Up With the Boys

    For the last several years, Augusta has done as it pleased and has refused, despite pressure from many women’s organizations, to include female members. All of that changed last week though when they decided that perhaps having women as members wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • Political Correctness for Sexual Predators? Not Needed.
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    Political Correctness for Sexual Predators? Not Needed.

    It was also not the first or last time this man exposed himself or said disgusting things to female colleagues. Still, in all cases, though the woman's name was known, Bobby was always called the alleged predator. Everyone involved in the investigation was told to keep it "on the DL; we don't want to ruin his career".

  • Work Those Legs!
    Health and Wellness

    Work Those Legs!

    People want a strong core with a six-pack, women want sexy shoulders and men want bulging biceps. But what most people don’t realize is that the body has a way of staying in balance or equilibrium. If you neglect your legs, other parts of the body will hesitate to grow.

  • Kimmie on the Prowl: Bambi Killer
    The Single Life

    Kimmie on the Prowl: Bambi Killer

    He was kind on the phone, laughed at my jokes, was sarcastic himself and I mentally started checking off boxes. Then I had to ask about one of his interest he had checked off on his profile: Hunting.

  • Almost 30 (And Never Getting Married)
    Bobby's World

    Almost 30 (And Never Getting Married)

    With less than six months until I turn 30, expectations from others of where I should be with my life keep ramping up. The question I mostly get asked is, “Why aren’t you dating anyone?” My immediate reaction usually is, “Relationships are stupid.” But thanks to, I now can back up my answer with “7 Reasons to Never Get Married.”

  • The Hollywood Outsider: Wang Hunt
    Celebrity Relationships

    The Hollywood Outsider: Wang Hunt

    This week we visit a storm heading towards the Republican convention, both a literal storm as well as a more feared “rape storm.” The Wikileaks founder is caught not knowing what the phrase “witch hunt” means, and Prince Harry is caught with his pants down.

  • Princess…For Life?
    Celebrity Relationships

    Princess…For Life?

    I mean, not only is the guy hot, but his lips have super magic healing powers, AND he’s going to kill the evil witches in my life, and THEN we’re going to ride off on his noble steed (innuendo inserted here!) and then we get to live in his ballin’ castle happily forever and ever no questions asked?! Tell feminism I’m going to be busy for the next 10-infinity years!

  • Kettlebells For Dummies
    Health and Wellness

    Kettlebells For Dummies

    I personally use kettle bells for corrective exercises, strength exercises as well as conditioning exercises. And when used properly, they can be a very effective training tool. Here are a few exercises that I use in my daily workings with clients and even in my own training.