twoday magazine is an innovative approach for readers. Our readers will be able to take twoday wherever they go and not have to do anything except connect to the internet. This means that we have the ability to be every traveler’s companion.

We believe our readers are sophisticated and savvy consumers. They have iphones, blackberries, and the desire to be constantly connected to the world around them. We have the means to go everywhere with them and offer them everything that they may be looking for.

MISSION: twoday magazine is the first online “print quality” magazine aimed at both men and women who are dating or in relationships, between the ages of 28-45.

VALUE PROPOSITION: twoday magazine will provide advertisers and their business partners with a select audience at income levels at necessary volumens between the ages of 28-45 with strong support by all age groups surrounding the target market. The readership of twoday will possess the purchasing power for all goods and services enabling couples to enrich their lives together.

BENEFITS: We offer advertisers the unique benefit of video ads, section sponsorship, and clickable ads that link directly to our advertisers’ product page, as well as options to place ads alongside popular sections of specific articles that relate to their specific product.